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E para terminar a série sobre o verbo haver em inglês, vamos ver o negativo e o interrogativo?

É bem fácil. Para colocar no negativo basta colocar NOT depois do verbo TO BE ou a contração N’T:
There IS NOT a TV in my bedroom. / There ISN’T a TV in my bedroom.
There ARE NOT (any) pictures in my bedroom. / There AREN’T (any) picture in my bedroom.

Isn’t that easy, folks?
E o interrogativo? Mais fácil ainda, basta trocar o verbo TO BE de lugar com o THERE.
ARE THERE any pictures in your living room?
IS THERE a yellow sofa in your bedroom?
Did you understand? Is that OK? So let’s practice now.

Look at the two pictures below and compare them. Follow the exemple.
Sam’s living-room.

Peter's living-room

Example: There is a rug in Sam's living-room but there isn't one in Peter's.

Now write 5 questions about the Samantha’s bedroom.

Answers to both exercises to my email: sidneialvesfilho@gmail.com

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