terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2008

FOOD PART II - Vegetables

There we go again. Do you eat vegetables? They are very good for your health. What’s your favorite? I, myself, love a good green salad. I love tomatoes and potatoes, too. Green peas are delicious, too. Well, so let’s see some vegetables now.

Aubergine (in American English it is called eggplant – planta ovo. Bizarre, isn’t it? It’s efficient in the treatment of cholesterol.
Broccoli (Rich in vitamin C, K and A. It has anti-cancer properties)

Cabbage (It’s rich in vitamin C. Very good if you have a cold)

Carrot ( It protects against cardiovascular diseases. It promotes good vision, especially night vision.)

Cauliflower (Also very good source of Vitamin C)

Cucumber ( Do you know the expression: “Cool as a cucumber?”)

Garlic (It prevents heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer)

Lettuce ( Good in Vitamin A. Egyptians and Romans ate lettuce at the end of a meal to induce sleep)

Okra ( Also known as lady’s finger (dedo de moça). It comes from Africa. Have you ever tried caruru?)

Onion (One of the most nutritious vegetables. Effective against many diseases ranging from common cold to heart diseases)

Peas (In French peas are known as "petit pois = little balls)

Potato ( Lots of carbohydrate in it. Have you ever thought how many ways it can be prepared?)

Pumpkin ( In Halloween, they are carved into lanterns called “Jack-o’-lantern)

Radish ( Good source of vitamin B6, magnesium, cooper, and calcium)

Spinach (It makes you strong. Remember Popeye?)

Tomato ( Some people say it’s a fruit. Some say it’s a vegetable. But who cares?

If you want more information about these vegetables go to wikipedia. They have lots of interesting information about vegetables.

There are many other vegetables, if you have any interest about other vegetables not mentioned here, send me a e-mail or leave a comment here.
Next post let’s talk about meat.
See you guys.

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