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Are you hungry? If you are, better not read this post. We’re going to talk about food. Let’s start by the food pyramid.

At the top of the pyramid you have the fat(gorduras), oils (óleos) and sweets (doces). These are not very healthy (saudáveis), so don’t eat that much.

Below that you have two groups: Milk (leite) (and its derived) and Meat (carnes).

Then you have vegetable (verduras) and fruit (frutas).

Finally, at the bottom of the pyramid you have breads(pães). grains (grãos) and other starches.

This first post about food we will see some fruit.

applle (In this picture you have a red apple, but we also have green apples)

apricot (Do you know how to say apricot in Portuguese? It's not pêssego)
banana (Our good and old nutritious banana.)
blackberry (There are many berry fruits - blueberry, strawbery, and other berries)
cashew ( Do you know how to say castanha de caju? It's cashew nuts)
cherry (Aren't they delicious? Some years ago it was hard to find fresh cherries in Brazil)
cranberry (Another berry fruit. It looks like cherry, but it's not)
grapefruit (In Brazil people named this taranja, but it is also known as grapefruit here)
grapes (don't you love wine or grape juice)
kiwi (Do you know where kiwis come from? I don't)
lemon (This is the real lemon)
lime (Surprise: lime is Limão in English.)
mango (Another tropical fruit)
orange (Don't you just love a fresh orange juice ifor breakfast?
papaya (How about a nice papaya for brekafast?)
passion fruit (Did you know maracujá in English is Fruta Da Paixão)
peach (This is one of my favorite fruit)
pineapple ( This is my first favorite fruit. Isn't that delicious in the summer afternoons?)
star fruit (This is a typical Brazilian fruit, especially in the Northeastern Brazil)
strawberry (If you saw PRETTY WOMAN you know strawberries are good with champange.)
tangerine (In Brazil tangerine can be mixirica, tangerina or bergamota. How do you call it?)
water melon (Another great fruit to eat in the summer)

Next post be ready for vegetables.

See you there

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