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In Portuguese we usually use the word “carne” para “carne de vaca”. Por isto as vezes pensa-se que em inglês “meat” é carne de vaca. Não é verdade. Peixe, frango, etc são tipos de “meat”. A carne de vaca em inglês é “beef”. OK? Confusão esclarecida, enough of Portuguese now.

Let’s see first the different kinds of meat:
Beef - The animal is the cow. Beef is the name of the food.

Chicken (The animal is the hen)

Fish (Both food and animals have the same name: fish)

Lamb ( The animal is also lamb)

Pork (The animal is the pig)

Venison (The animal is the deer)

Turkey (Same name. Turkey is a traditional dish on Thanksgiving, a very important American holiday)

Poultry (Aves)

These are the most common. But of course in some cultures people eat horse meat, rabbit meat and so on.
What about what is inside the animals. These are called offal (miúdo) And they are:

Heart (coração) Wings (asas) Liver (fígado) Kidneys (rins)

What about a steak? What’s that? It’s our filé. You can have chicken steak, and when you order only steak, it’s usually understood as beef.

How do you like your steak?


Medium rare?


That’s all for now guys. Next post more about food. See you then.

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