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Verbos associated to clothes

E agora? Vamos ver que verbos podemos usar com vestimentas?

O mais simples já vimos: He is wearing a blue shirt. Very simple, right? Mas será que a roupa serve? Será que não está muito grande? Ele vestiu a roupa que horas? Ele experimentou a camisa antes de comprar?

Vamos lá. Olhe a figura e tente descobrir o significado do verbo.

He is getting undressed to take a nap. (TO GET UNDRESSED)
He is dressing the baby in the middle of the street. (TO DRESS)
They dressed up to go to an afternoon party. (TO DRESS UP)
He is trying on shoes to see if they fit. (TO TRY ON) (TO FIT)
When you go to a japanese home you must take off your shoes/ take your shoes off. (TAKE OFF)
The baby’s mother is putting his shoes on / putting on his shoes. (PUT ON)
Her pants don’t fit. They are too large. (TO FIT)
He can’t button his pants. they are too tight.
Do you think white socks match brown shoes? (TO MATCH)
And now some extra vocabulary

He is wearing a long sleeved shirt.
He is wearinga V-neck sweater.
He is wearing a round-neck sweater.
She is very well dressed.
They are too tacky. (brega)
He is wearing very fashionable pants.

Well, that's it folks. Next post soon with new fun information. But before that, how about sending me questions abou clothes to my email?


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