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Julia Roberts is an American actress. She has worked in many different films. Her most famous films, in my opinion are: Pretty Woman, My best friend’s wedding and Erin Brockovich. Do you agree with me? More information about her life go to http://www.tiscali.co.uk/entertainment/film/biographies/julia_roberts_films.html

As I promised in my last post I will describe some famous people. JulIa is my first one.

Julia Roberts is tall, very slim and she has a very beautiful smile. She is tall (5’9”). She has long wavy light brown hair. Julia has brown eyes.

Julia Roberts seems(1) to be a very friendly woman. She also seems very intelligent and shy. She is definetely a charming woman.

She’s a very ellegant woman and she is usually well-dressed.

She’s not very old, she is 40 years old, her birthday is on October 28th.

So, what do you think? Can you add more Information about Julia? What do you think about her as an actress? Have you seen any of her films? Which one did you like best? Send me a email and tell me more about Julia Roberts. Don’t be shy.
My email is: sidneialvesfilho@gmail.com

(1) We use SEEM when we don’t know for sure about something, in Portuguese: Me parece.
For example:
Julia Roberts is tall. (Ela é alta, isto é um fato)

Julia Roberts seems to be friendly. (Ela me parece simpática, como não conheço Julia pessoalmente, não posso afirmar categoricamente que ela seja simpática. vEJA QUE DEPOIS DE SEEMS USA-SE O VERBO NO INFINITIVO.

Now it is your turn: describe Angeline Jolie. Send me a email and I will correct and send you back.

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