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Depois de se descrever que tal ver como falar sobre o que você está vestindo.

Let’s start.

First the basic:


tank tops

T-shirt (sabe porque T-shirt? Porque aberta uma cemiseta tem o formato de um T. Did you like that? Uma vez li um livro em que o tradutor escreveu ele vestia uma camisa T. Can you believe that?)

blouse ( for girls, men wear shirts not blouses)


(girls wear those, but some fashion designers tried to introduce skirts fror men some years ago. Some modern guys wore dresses, but it was not very well used. But in Scotland, men wear a kind of skirt, but it is called kilt)

And to go to the beach. What do you wear?

Bathing suits

If you have a wedding, a reception, or if you are a businessman or very formal you wear a


(Men and women wear suit, in Portuguese a man wears a terno and a woman wears a tailler. But in English a suit is the same word.)

E os complemetos?

An elegant man wears a tie.

A scarf makes you elegant, too.
And on your feet? Men and women wear:



flip flops or thongs (Nossas havaianas)

Women wear high heels.
Well, that’s it for now. I will keep talking about clothes next post.
Oh, colors are mportant to describe clothes:

green yellow purple red blue pink beige black white brown navy blue...
We can use dark or light before the color (escuro/claro) Example: dark blue/light blue.

Next Post: Materiais e padrões para roupas.

See you there.

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